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Introduction: More Micro Madness! | K'nex Ball Machine Paths

As you may know, recently I have been experimenting a lot with micro k'nex and k'nex bricks. They have lots of potential for ball machines however it's not used very much! So, today I have for you a few simple paths I have developed which are similar substitutes for normal paths!

I don't think any of these need instructions as they are that simple so just build by the pictures!

Step 1: Path 1 - the Half-Snowflake Path!

Here is an equivalent to the normal yellow connector path! The ball rolls along it as smoothly as the original path too. It can be extended (As shown in the title picture and the 2nd picture) to make it more piece-friendly. As well as this, it can have guard rails too (As shown in pictures 3 & 4) This is probably my favourite micro path as it looks good and is easily modified!

1: Comparison
2: Extended path
3: Railed path
4: Railed extended path
5: Connecting to original k'nex

Step 2: Path 2 - V Path

This is another of my favourite micro paths. It is great for long distances and doesn't use too many pieces. There isn't much to say about this path.

1: V Path
2: Connecting to original k'nex

Step 3: Path 3 - Railed Path

The railed path is an equivalent to the snowflake path with white connectors either side connected to yellow connectors. It's easy to modify too.

1: Railed path
2: Connecting to original k'nex

Step 4: Path 4 - Railed Path Variant

Personally, this is my least favourite. The rails are low and the ball only goes to one side or the other. However, this is still a great path to be used!

1: Railed lath variant
2: Connecting to original k'nex

Step 5: Finished!

So, hopefully you have considered using more micro k'nex in your builds! It has lots of potential for ball machines whether it be paths or new elements! Bye for now!



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    ty :D Where have you been recently? I'm still waiting for the auto gun :(

    I am so sorry man but my computer died but we fixed it and I am back! But I still have the gun and I am really sorry for the wait I will post this week.

    Great! Also, I made two new elements I haven't posted yet and one is probably my favourite of my elements! The other is fairly simple but utilises k'nex bricks. next week I may start work on a new ball machine :D

    OK that's fine. can't you use the all though? (replying to your post on my profile as I'm on mobile)

    Yw and Ty too :D. I'm also super happy that sandroknexmaster subscribed to me!! If you want to post a message to me, please do it on an ible as I can't access orangeboards very well on mobile

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