Although a little less useful on a daily basis than the MILK BAG of lore, the lowly chip bag, when called upon, can help SAVE THE WORLD!

The aluminium (that's how we spell it up here...sometimes) coated, polyester film used in chip bags and many other food packaging is the free equivalent to reflective mylar. Although not designed to have a "mirror finish", it comes close enough for the cost alone.

Think of how much of this stuff you throw away each day simply because it is not recyclable.

We've almost definitely produced enough to cover the planet's surface at least once. If we layed it all shiny side up, would we not be able to reflect the sun's rays back into space and solve Global Warming?

Step 1: What's Good About It?

It's waterproof, airproof, stretch resistant, wrinkle resistant, durable, shiny, sort of tear resistant, protects against UV rays, protects against the cold, protects against the heat, keeps food fresh, keeps food warm, keeps food cold, helps cook food, helps save lives, but most of all.........You get to eat the contents first.

My favourite source is the plain milk chocolate bar due to it's level of flatness (for reflective surfaces) as well as it's managable size and has nothing at all to do with that sweet, sweet, life giving, coma inducing gift from the God's, chocolate. If larger single pieces are required, chips come in all sizes or tape them together to form a sheet..

Please note that not all packaging is created equal, for varying reasons, and some may suit your need better than others.
Over hear in southeast Asia, most chip bags are sort of dull like the bottom of a coke can. *eats raisin cookie packaged in mylar* Oh wait, correction, they are shiny.
Could i use this instead of aluminum foil for a leyden jar?
I'm not sure. Never built one, but I could see making a capacitor out of this stuff IF you could get a good electrical connection and the plastic provided the dielectric strength and thermal properties required. You can make a capacitor from a gum wrapper, so I can see it being highly possible. You're a genius!
its aluminum in the north aluminium in the south pls get it right not to be mean
It's aluminium, no matter where I find myself. I always get it right, regardless of the local spelling. :P
Good job, congratulations.
Thanks. Gotta go eat chocolate now. Only 36 more to go for a good sized blanket. The sacrifices I make for progress.
Glad to know someone else knows how to spell and pronounce a-lu-min-i-um! You are right - we are a throw away society and it's too bad.

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