More Visible Tentpegs





Introduction: More Visible Tentpegs

Always losing Tentpegs while camping?Here's how to find them..

Step 1: Making the Tentpegs

I Normally make my own tentpegs due to the fact that I lose them a lot.This can be done by purchasing some roundbar and cutting them into 45cm lengths,sharpening the one end and bending the other around.

Step 2: Making Them More Visible

What I like to do lately is to dip the in enamel and hang them to dry(this should take about 24hrs)I use a bright color which I know will not be found at the campsite,Unlike the rust color of a peg that seems to disappear into the ground as soon as you have to pack up in a hurry during a storm.

1)Get yourself a tin of enamel paint with your color of choice.
2)take your peg and dip it into the paint
3)ensure the paint is covering the entire area you dipped
4)hold it over the tin until all the access has dripped off
5)Hang in a ventilated area for 24 hrs before touching.



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    I find bright orange survey ribbon more noticeable than bright paint. I use about 18" lengths.

    what about some fluorescent spray paint? dries in 10 minutes, cheap, portable, and is brighter than bright

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    Spraypaint goes on in a very thin layer so its not as durable as when dipped,unless mabey you put a few layers on

    Yes, that's true. Maybe with a coat of urethane on it, could be more resistant also :)

    Finally! i can stop tripping over them! thanks!

    Hard drive magnet it. Simple yet effective solution to tripping over tent pegs into the camp fire too.

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    I was wondering if thats what those were. Those things are crazy strong haha.

    Good thinking. You could also dip them into that colored rubber paint stuff and you wouldn't have to worry about paint chipping off when you hammer it.

    The thumbnails are so obvious, this almost doesn't need any steps beyond the intro!

    (I've added it to the Tips and Tricks group, by the way)

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    I'm going to have an Instructable out sometime in the next two weeks and it is all tips and trick to use when building and using a Pepsi can stove, you could add to that group.

    Good idea. Wouldn't a clear coat after the paint dries, be a good idea to keep the paint from scraping off? After all you, don't you sometimes hammer the pegs into the ground if the ground is hard?

    Nice simple tip. Why stop at paint?Paint red, and adorn them with doll limbs. On second thoughts...maybe not.

    Great idea! I used to do the same thing, but used "Plasti-dip", a rubberised dip for tool handles.