Introduction: More Stable Dust Collection Boot for CNC Routers

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Another magnetic dust boot attachment.  This one lives at TechShop Detroit.  .dxf works well with the following materials and is included at the end of the instructable.

3/4 MDF * 
1/2 MDF *
24" Tight-Seal Strip Brushes McMaster item# 74405T14 for 3" steel backing (other sizes available in the same section)
1/2" Neodymium Magnets (available on amazon or ebay) *
1/4 - 20 hardware 
hot glue

* substitute with what you have around the shop.  Make adjustments to .dxf as necessary.


jardoni made it! (author)2016-06-06

Thanks for doing this! I did it based off of yours but I have a smaller desktop router so I only put a 2 1/2" connection on mine. The only other thing I might recommend is the horse hair version of the bristles that you recommended. Mine are so stiff that I can't make deep cuts with it without throwing off the cuts.

jardoni (author)jardoni2016-06-06

I just bought some and I'm going to see how they work for me. Thanks again!!

antennas made it! (author)2015-09-17

I made one. I used some 1/2 plexi I had laying around. I did cut the hole a bit too big hence the tape. But it is a great tool and I will make another again. Thanks for the instructable.

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