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My workshop never has enough space. I accumulate tools faster than I can organize them. Unlike Tim the Toolman, I am not a big fan of pegboard. I prefer to make custom tool holders out of scrap wood. A mahogany hammer bracket is just plain elegant. I was recently given a beautiful caliper, and I bought a digital angle finder.  But they kept sitting on a shelf where tey could be damaged, so time for a holder. Here is the process.

Step 1: Other Examples

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I usually leave the screws exposed when I attach the holders to the wall. I have been known to move them later. Here are some more examples. Please excuse the layer of sawdust on top of some of the tools.


DavidT18 (author)2015-01-26

Why excuse the dust that just means its a working shop.Good job I like the square holder/level holder.

3366carlos (author)2014-06-01

wow, very nice.

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