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Step 1: Starting Items

"Do not dally!"

Time: 16 hours, 3x baking + cooldown (3 x 2 hours), Modelling (4 hours), Painting (6 hours or ALL DAY)
Big-O Notation: DAYS

1) Fimo Classic Polymer Clay (4 x 2 oz)
2) Paper clips
3) Pottery shaping tools
4) Clean working environment (printer paper, clean hands)

Fimo Classic Polymer Clay
I originally got "Original Sculpey" but it turned out to be too soft.  Being about 33 degrees Celsius outside didn't help either.  Also I did not want to wait for the plasticizer to soak out (layering it between pieces of paper, adding a weight on top, waiting a few hours), so I went to Michaels and got some Fimo.

Paper clips
Any brand will do.  Make sure the clip size matches the skeleton height you want to use.

Pottery shaping tools
$10 from amazon for a decent set

Clean working environment
Plasticizer can leach from the clay itself so it is important to protect all surfaces and to wash your hands before eating/using the computer.
so far it looks goods!!