Moroccan Concrete Tile DIY Plant Pot



Introduction: Moroccan Concrete Tile DIY Plant Pot

Moroccan concrete tiles are all the rage right now. If you don’t have the budget to purchase some heavy, high quality cement tiles featuring stunning designs, there’s another way of getting the look for less. Read on for a teaser of our article, and head to this link for the full story!

Step 1: Measure Your Wood

Measure up the wood to create either a rectangular or square box (full measurements and tools available on our blog- just click here!). You can purchase planks of wood, use scrap wood, or pallets. You'll need five squares of equal size.

Step 2: Put the Box Together

Nail your box together (you can also use wood glue to make it extra secure). Sand any rough edges.

Step 3: Paint

You'll want to paint your box grey in order to get that concrete tile look.

Give the plant pot two coats of paint and leave it to dry overnight.

Step 4: Attach the Wallpaper

Attach your wallpaper. We used Moroccan tile wallpaper, but you can always print a design. All that’s left to do is buy a nice plant to put inside it!

The great thing about this is it's fully customisable - so you can have fun getting creative!

For more detailed instructions, and more projects like this, check our our blog, The Handy Mano.

This post was written for us by Lauretta from homeandhorizon.



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