Morse code keyer for Arduino.

I recently decided to build another project, this time involving morse code and the arduino.

I took a standard Arduino UNO, an LCD keypad shield, a relay module and a piezo buzzer.  Total cost was under $25

What does it do?

Well it can send morse cq’s or any morse message to the onboard piezo or the relay for connection across a radio key. It has the ability to adjust the speed and timing of the morse. It demo’s the morse alphabet. You can decide it you want to use the relay or not. It can save the settings to the onboard EEPROM and keep them on power off.

Step 1: Do a Little Soldering..

The particular LCD keypad shield i sourced on ebay for about $7 had pin 11 and pin A3 free.

There's really not much to do here, just solder the piezo buzzer wires to the LCD keypad shield. The black wire to ground and the red wire to pin 11.

I also added a small relay $2 so I could clip it across my morse key.  I gave it 5 volts and ground and then it's input pin to pin A3 on the arduino.

Then i hot glued everything to everything!

All done on the hardware front.

Next up , software.

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