Morse code generator for the 16x24 HT1632C LED Matrix- I made it at TechShop

Picture of Morse code generator for the 16x24 HT1632C LED Matrix- I made it at TechShop
In this instructable I'll detail how to use the HT1642C LED Matrix from Adafruit to make a Morse code generator that both flashes a letter and plays a buzzer corresponding to the Morse code equivalent.

To make the box for the matrix, take a look at my previous instructable.

Here's a video demonstration the end result:

I made this project over at TechShop (http://techshop.ws/).
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Step 1: Materials/tools

Picture of Materials/tools
16x24 HT1632C LED Matrix
Wire/ hook-up wires
8-ohm speaker

Step 2: Wiring everything up

Picture of Wiring everything up
2013-05-20 19.46.46.jpg
2013-05-20 19.02.55.jpg
Next we need to hook everything up. Refer to the official instructions for wiring up the matrix, I used the same pins in this exercise as well. We'll also need to connect a speaker to pin 8. That's all we need so connect it to a computer and get ready for some programming!

Step 3: Upload the program

Picture of Upload the program
2013-05-20 19.49.48.jpg
You'll need to download the official library here and put it in the correct folder in your Arduino directory to continue.

The code's really long so I won't paste the whole thing here, I've attached it as a file to download and plug into Arduino. I uploaded two variations: one that plays the alphabet sequentially and another that cycles random letters. The code's a ton of copy/paste and isn't too complicated, but if anyone has any specific questions I'll be happy to answer them in the comments.

And that's all she wrote! There's a video of it in action in the intro of the instructable. Thanks for reading!
pepetito2 years ago
what would be cool if you had a morse code remote that you press the the letter on it and it flashes an infrared led that is aimed at a reciever connected to an arduino and the arduino converts it to letters and displays it on a matrix
erica19882 years ago
Beautiful, I like.
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erica19882 years ago
Beautiful, I like!
Morse Code and letters at the same time, this man is a genius!!! Redundancy ftw.