Morse Decoder





Introduction: Morse Decoder

Morsecode is generally written in an alphabetical list. This is a list which assumes the morsecode and especially skilful at converting morse into ordinary text.

With apologies for possible language errors (must something have gone wrong at translation from Dutch into English)



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    Interesting and possibly useful for somebody with no Morse Code experience and wanting to transmit a short (and very time consuming message). It will not help you learn Morse correctly, though.

    Morse Code is best learned audibly, without ever looking at any type of chart. If you learn it visually, from this or any other guidelines, you will have to translate it from what you see (light) or hear (radio, horn, etc) to the image on the chart, then to the corresponding letter. Two steps instead of one.

    Believe me, I learned it wrong first and it took forever to overcome it.

    mooi gemaakt,

    jammer dat het morse examen in nederland is afgeschaft,

    73's de PD0MP

    I thought morse code wasn't used any more by the US or NATO. Still it would be fun to use with your buddys.

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    It's still used in the ham bands all over the world.

    de AF6NC   Repetition is the key.  It takes time but you don't have to concentrate as if studying for an exam.  When you see words on signs throughout the day, "tap" out those words to yourself.  Before long, you'll be a natural sender.  For receiving, there's lots of free utils on the web.  Also, if you can tune in W1AW on a shortwave radio, they have regularly scheduled code practice.

    VE2VFD DE VE6WTF Why dont you just take your code? lol, Its not that hard to learn morse.

    This is useful for fun, or if you're shipwrecked on a rock with 2 coconut trees, and lucky enough to have some wire and batteries to transmit with..., ...but you'll flunk a mere 5wpm radio test, and definitely not be able to "copy" the people on the radio who passed it.

    I agree with Krikit - This is cool and useful, but it's really not an instructable. You could have shown how to use (though it is pretty obvious) or something related, but the picture on its own really doesn't count as an instructable.

    much more intuitive for decoding as you receive, very nice! not that I use Morse code that much, but its cool anyway :-p

    While very handy, I doubt this will get a completely cheerful reception... not actually "instructing" and all that :/

    Wow, thats brilliant!