Introduction: Mortal Instruments Sword

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Step 1: Materials

1-plexiglass sheet
4-3000 grit sand paper
(Specifics will be available upon request)

Step 2: Plexiglass

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First you want to get a plexiglass sheet that is thick enough to get a good thickness for the blade and enough length for two handle pieces to glue on later

Step 3: Drawing

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I drew out the sword according to my comfort so this is up to you at this point you could do anything you want.

Step 4: Cutting

Next I took a jigsaw and cut out the whole thing but had enough scraps to make the two pieces of the handle with it so I cut this out as well. To make the two handle pieces I traced the handle of the blade onto the scraps

Step 5: Glueing and Beveling

Next I glued all the pieces together and took a dremal and sanded it to a flush surface with the blade I also rounded the handle. Next I beveled an edge but not enough to make it sharp (this is another part that is up to you you can continue to bevel and make it sharp but that is not my deal you are responsible for your own actions I am not liable for anything you do) still a work in progress


ExistentialTinkerer42 (author)2015-08-20

Awesome! I know someone who would absolutely LOVE this!

seamster (author)2014-10-06

Looks interesting!

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