The Mortal Kombat logo created with candy melts.

Candy melts are a good medium as they have a thick consistency, which helps in creating the more intricate points of the design. You can also try creating the logos with royal icing instead of candy melts if that suits your fancy. Also I really wanted to do something so I could write “kandy.” Mortal Kombat kandy Kandy KANDY! Okay I think I’m done. Here’s what you need:

    3/4 cup dark cocoa candy melts
    1 1/2 cup red candy melts

    Sealable plastic bags
    Waxed paper
    Cookie sheet (or some other large, flat surface)
    Logo printed out on paper (you can download my version here)

Print out the Mortal Kombat logo. You can print off a copy online, or you can use my version in PDF format, which came from reptiletc on deviantart. If you use your own image, make sure to horizontally rotate the image so the dragon is facing left instead of right.

Step 1: Set Up the Workspace

First step, secure the sheet of paper with the Mortal Kombat logo by taping it to a cookie sheet or some other large, flat surface.
I love mk!! these are awesome

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