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Introduction: Mortal Kombat Lantern

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Let's make a Mortal Kombat lantern to share the excitement for the release of the new Mortal Kombat X game ;)

Step 1: Sketch the Logo

Draw or trace out the Mortal Kombat logo on a tracing paper

Step 2: Paint Black Around It

paint black to highlight the logo.

Step 3: Cut Out the Logo

Step 4: Make a Hole As Big As the Logo on a Cardboard Box

the logo will be stuck with glue over this hole.Also make sure to make another hole on top of the cardboard box.

Step 5: Stick Logo Over the Hole

Step 6: Place Logo Over a Lit Candle

Make sure the box has a hole on top too for the candle flame. Or else it may burn a hole for itself.

Step 7: Switch Off the Lights.And Watch Logo Glow :) ENJOY!!!

visit my youtube channel to see other things i make :)



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    Ooo soo pretty, I bet it'd be fun to make a bunch of these and have a glowing geeky garden! Welcome to instructables!

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    Hey,thanks..sooo.. happy u liked it :)