This was an unplanned look, but I hope you guys still enjoy! Be sure to check out my youtube page! I will be entering the NYX Face Awards and I could use your help! Thanks! <3

Step 1: Sketch It Out

I, as always, used a white eyeliner to sketch out my look. This is REALLY important if your look is not planned such as mine was in this moment.

Step 2: Black

Using black from Mehron I filled in that first section.

Step 3: Gray

Using Gray from Mehron I filled in that bottom section.

Step 4: Details

I used silver from Mehron to outline the black. Then I grabbed some matte black eye shadow to shadow under the silver. After that I grabbed black from Mehron again and added lines into the gray, curving them around the jawline. After that I went on one side of all the black lines with white from Mehron and then re-added shadows I may have lost with that same eye shadow.

Step 5: Green

I filled in the eye section with green from Mehron.

Step 6: Highlights

Using white I highlighted inside the black, this will help it have a leatherish look. I used my fingers to smear it out.

Step 7: Eye Detail

Using matte black and green eye shadow from ULTA I added wrinkles and texture to his eyes, and I also used white body paint to highlight.

Step 8: Body

I sketched out my body design.

Step 9: Black

Using black from Mehron I filled in the neck and the straps.

Step 10: Chest Plate

Using green and black I filled in the chest plate, then I used a gold eye shadow from NYX over the green to make it stand out from the green body.

Step 11: Body

Using green from Mehron I filled in the rest of the body and used black matte eye shadow from ULTA to shadow around the straps and chest plate.

Step 12: Stitching

Using white from Mehron I added stitching on all the straps as well as the neck part.

Step 13: I Almost Forgot

I almost forgot the head thing! Using neon green from bennye I added the head... thing?

<p>So impressive that I now want to go find out just what Mortal Kombat is. A BIG thanks for sharing the fierce talent you have.</p>
<p>Lol. Well, thank you!!</p>
<p>Cool, maybe I wait until Halloween :)</p>
<p>This is amazing! It's hard to see anything human. It's especially helpful telling us what brands you used.</p><p>Do you eat anything special (like something grape) to color your tongue, too?</p>
<p>Thanks! and yeah I suppose you could eat like a grape jolly rancher. haha. </p>

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