Morticia Addams Make Up for Halloween

video Morticia Addams Make Up for Halloween
Here's how to look like Morticia Addams from the Addams Family!
Also watch my video on how to make that awesome Morticia dress: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Morticia-Addams-dress-for-Halloween/
wdsparrow3 years ago
I stumbled into this by accident, that is freaking awesome. I love the subtlety that kept your beauty, it's good you didn't go the harsh route.
larano3 years ago
i love it cuz you dont need all the ugly white make up they usually put on!!! its the natural look :)
cmaa3 years ago
Fabulous video, you look georgeous :)
jackwasp3 years ago
love it!!!
JessickaRay4 years ago
I love it... great job!
franktrullo4 years ago
nice looking Morticia !!!
Ase0esA (author) 4 years ago
Thanks for the nice comments, you guys make me smile :D
ly3334 years ago
Thanks yous alot
Only I think you look better than her lol
Such a wonderful job!!! Without makeup you don't really look like her but with it your like twins!! XD

Five thumbs up!!
mary candy4 years ago
you look so beautiful , I forgot the Morticia hahahaah
good work.
Ase0esA (author)  mary candy4 years ago
Thanks so much! :D