Picture of Mosaic Toilet Tank Pot
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First up is my toilet tank repurpose/upcycle. I found her, abandoned in a pile of junk behind a home improvement store and down by the river. My husband's only comment as I unloaded her from the car was "Can't wait to see what you do with that", as he slightly shook his head back and forth - giving me just the right amount of support and disbelief at the same time. Motivating to show him what I can do with a junky toilet tank!

Why a toilet tank? Well...it has a lovely shape if you are thinking 'cool garden planter'. It's also waterproof, so no crazy sealing necessary. Why the plastic bottle? Because I've seen some fabulous plastic bottle projects in blogland lately and I thought 'why not?'.

Step 1: How to Begin

Picture of How to Begin
While the inside of the tank doesn't need any sealant, the outside did need a primer applied since the surface is smooth porcelain and the tile adhesive won't stick if you don't have a roughed up surface. And because I have no idea if you can sand a toilet tank (and the real reason is that I was too lazy to try), I applied a basic primer for tiling and let it dry for a couple of hours.

pravs2k4 months ago

Beautiful. So many things to try, but I think this will be one of them. Thank you.

jacksons63 years ago
this is really a great use of an old toilet tank! who would have thunk it!
paganwonder3 years ago
This would be an excellent way to disguise a replacement tank which is not color matched.
scubamunda3 years ago
This turned out fantastic! It begs the question... could you do it with a working toilet? My creative hat is definitely on!
re.Create Design (author)  scubamunda3 years ago
Scubamunda - I'm sure you could! My husband asked the same thing.
re.Create Design (author)  binaspencer73 years ago
ckspd4 years ago
You Go!!!

Luved it.
re.Create Design (author)  ckspd4 years ago
thanks!!! It was fun to take a tank and try to make it beautiful!
re.Create Design (author) 4 years ago
A HUGE thanks to all the kindness!
Porcelain is one of the best materials to tile on, save your money, don't seal it, the tile adhesive will stick just fine. - apply adhesive to the tile rather than the porcelain cistern. I tile over porcelain tiles all the time, and I've been tiling for 15 years. - nice idea.
Another idea found at the "eden project" (UK) is mosaic mirror tiles, just finished a 1950 cupboard with mirror and white tile mosaics.
I appreciate the tip about the lack of need to prime. Always looking how to save save save! Going to see if I can find out more about the eden project. Thanks!
sunshiine4 years ago

Awesome job!
ChrysN4 years ago
Great reuse!
Love this. Had to add to my favorites =)
mikeasaurus4 years ago
looks great with plants in it, nice reuse!
re.Create Design (author)  mikeasaurus4 years ago
Thanks! It's fun to take the unexpected and try to make it beautiful.