Step 6: The Reveal

Picture of The Reveal
The next day, get out your rag (I like to use an old thick washcloth) and start wiping away that 'film' left on the tiles. You'll do this step with a dry rag - no more water. This is when your mosaic will begin to reveal herself and pop!

Now you can put your mosaic to work. This toilet tank is now a lovely flower pot in our remodel-in-progress front yard. It has the sun on the front side to greet our friends as they arrive. 

When we have friends over for a visit, we hope they will sit and stay for a while (perhaps even sit in the blue velvet chair?). So I think it is only appropriate that they see the moon side of the planter as they are leaving our house in the evening after a good day of thoughtful conversation and laughs.
jacksons63 years ago
this is really a great use of an old toilet tank! who would have thunk it!
re.Create Design (author)  binaspencer73 years ago
ckspd4 years ago
You Go!!!

Luved it.
re.Create Design (author)  ckspd4 years ago
thanks!!! It was fun to take a tank and try to make it beautiful!