Step 6: The Reveal

The next day, get out your rag (I like to use an old thick washcloth) and start wiping away that 'film' left on the tiles. You'll do this step with a dry rag - no more water. This is when your mosaic will begin to reveal herself and pop!

Now you can put your mosaic to work. This toilet tank is now a lovely flower pot in our remodel-in-progress front yard. It has the sun on the front side to greet our friends as they arrive. 

When we have friends over for a visit, we hope they will sit and stay for a while (perhaps even sit in the blue velvet chair?). So I think it is only appropriate that they see the moon side of the planter as they are leaving our house in the evening after a good day of thoughtful conversation and laughs.
<p>Beautiful. So many things to try, but I think this will be one of them. Thank you.</p>
this is really a great use of an old toilet tank! who would have thunk it! <br>
This would be an excellent way to disguise a replacement tank which is not color matched.
This turned out fantastic! It begs the question... could you do it with a working toilet? My creative hat is definitely on!
Scubamunda - I'm sure you could! My husband asked the same thing.
You Go!!!<br><br>Luved it.
thanks!!! It was fun to take a tank and try to make it beautiful!
A HUGE thanks to all the kindness!
Porcelain is one of the best materials to tile on, save your money, don't seal it, the tile adhesive will stick just fine. - apply adhesive to the tile rather than the porcelain cistern. I tile over porcelain tiles all the time, and I've been tiling for 15 years. - nice idea.<br>Another idea found at the &quot;eden project&quot; (UK) is mosaic mirror tiles, just finished a 1950 cupboard with mirror and white tile mosaics.
I appreciate the tip about the lack of need to prime. Always looking how to save save save! Going to see if I can find out more about the eden project. Thanks!<br>
<br>Awesome job!
Great reuse!
Love this. Had to add to my favorites =)
looks great with plants in it, nice reuse!
Thanks! It's fun to take the unexpected and try to make it beautiful.

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