This is the Mosin Nagant, a russian rifle used mainly during WW1 and WW2.

The Model 1891/1930 Rifle.



Model: Mosin Nagant

Mechanism: FPM

Range: 30-50 feet depending on elastic bands

Magazine: White Connector non removable



Amazing looks



Could be too small for some people

If you like it. Please build it, P.S. this is really not meant for wars - its meant for going in your display case, should you have enough pieces. And i think its good at that.

P.P.S it does look a LOT better in real life.

And last but not least, please comment, rate, comment again, then subscribe :)
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Step 1: Piece List courtesy of MotaBoi

Picture of Piece List courtesy of MotaBoi
Green - 115
White - 106
Blue – 42
Yellow - 2
Red – 8
Grey - 6
Tan - 3
Blue Clip – 10
Y - 27
Grey One-way - 27
Grey Two-way - 2
Hinge – 2
Orange - 40
Red – 13
Green – 8
Yellow - 60
Blue - 25
White - 18
Blue Spacers – 3
Silver Spacers - 6


Some Tape.

2 #64 rubberbands

more than14 #18 Smaller rubberbands

Step 2: Stock and Handle

I'll start off with the Stock them work towards the handle.

Follow the Image notes for help. Otherwise just make it.

Step 3: Handle Connection and Trigger

Follow the Pics, turn on somre good music.

Step 4: 'Metal' Mech and the Mag

This is the metal bit on the real gun, its the main barrel and the mech on mine.

Start makin.

Step 5: Adding the Mech to the Handle

Picture of Adding the Mech to the Handle
Mosin Nagant1 053.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 054.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 056.JPG

just do it.

Step 6: Body and a Scope


do it again.

Step 7: The Barrel 1

Picture of The Barrel 1
Mosin Nagant1 086.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 087.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 088.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 089.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 090.JPG


Step 8: The barrel 2

Picture of The barrel 2
Mosin Nagant1 092.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 093.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 094.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 095.JPG
you'r gonna make this like you made the last one - only with different sizes.


Step 9: Rubber bands + finishing off

ah, finally.

Step 10: How to fire to get the most range.

Picture of How to fire to get the most range.
Load White rods.

make sure the mag works well bullets lined, bullets high, bullets good.

pull back the pin, so that it loads a bullet. push the bullet forward slightly - so that its forward, but not so much that the next bullet makes it jam.

Pull it back totally.

aim, pull the trigger, if you can.


: )

im done now, lets see happy comments.

Step 11: Update: Simple addon - Fake Bolt Action Bar.

Picture of Update: Simple addon - Fake Bolt Action Bar.
sorry, theres only one pic here, but it's simple enough

blue rod, red connector on one end, two small gears on the other, like that.

also replace a white with a yellow.

Step 12: Suggestions

Picture of Suggestions
I just ordered all these pieces (3000) off of ebay, so i want suggestions/orders here.
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lordseal10112 months ago
very nice gun man but stock is to small 4*
I think u should build a RCC ( rollar coster cannon)
BludMuffin2 years ago
Also, the piece count is a bit off I think.
BludMuffin2 years ago
I love the looks, feel and size of this gun! I built it and I have to say, it's quite an oddly built gun; however it is quite strong. The end of the barrel is quite flimsy though. I was a few pieces short, so I had to modify it a little bit. The internal barrel didn't work very efficiently and the trigger wasn't great. The 'bullets' didn't have enough power behind them to even make it out of the end of the gun. But the looks and feel of the gun make up for it as a model. 3.5/5!
Is the piece count exact? This is my guess: no. But I still want an answer though.
rheath23 years ago
gassybeans4 years ago
umm.... very sloppy.
BS! You have no k'nex gun sense at all.
easily one of the best replicas ever made.
does it have a working bolt?
jj654563 years ago
i realise you prolly didnt right on the picture of the real one but that isnt a bayonet mount on real nagants the bayonet goes on the barrel its just a spike(looks alot like a flat head screwdriver)
Ojsmudge3 years ago
how much was it for 3000 pieces ive just ordered 620 for £17
PiTBuLL8925 years ago
is it a removable mag or do they drop in the chamber from the top??
(like the real gun)
in the real one, the mag drops in from the top, like those lee-enfields used in the first world war. in this one you just put the rods in thru the bottom.
barrax (author)  PiTBuLL8925 years ago
ehh, its just like a normal knex mag... you push it up from the top..
irish dc 954 years ago
it actually looks more like an M1 garand without a bolt-action bar
stock is too small
weirdest built gun ever.
caned cobra5 years ago
what is this
barrax (author)  caned cobra5 years ago
this, is the bit of the gun, where the trigger stop the firing pin, making it shootable. its also the bit that connects the handle and stock to the rest of the gun.
hey mate, i dnt have any of those odd socket type peices on the trigger, can i use anything else
~KnexBuild~4 years ago
whats the mech?
What is FPM ?
firing pin mechanism
CuddlesMcT4 years ago
are the rubber bands necessary to hold some of the parts?
PiTBuLL8925 years ago
it took me a while to make this part so can you put more detaied picfor other peoples sake??
no offense but its easy meh
barrax (author)  PiTBuLL8925 years ago
meh... i think this bit is pretty easy... ill put some more notes on...
koenykoen4 years ago
i don't have weak pieces. :o
replace it with green connector and replace blue rod with white rod
dansdoc4 years ago
umm by do it again do you mean do that step twice?
dansdoc4 years ago
do they have to not click in cause i clicked the grey rod in on mine?
Looks Awesome but I prbably don't have enough pieces.
Anyway, I GOT 100TH RATING! :D
Danny48784 years ago
Looks awesome but I gave up on the stock..... I love snipers but this one i was absolutely hopless at. :-(
this is amazing! looks real and over all awesome!!!!!!! i would give u more than 5* but sense i cant i give you 5*s!!!!!!
koenykoen4 years ago
I have a copper tube as barrel but it shoots 15 feet??
Hmm 30-50 is good, but if you have the spare time you should try to up the range a bit
That's not as easy as you think.
I know just sayin'
ok thanks
ninjakoi4 years ago
are the blue clips tan without sticky out thing on it?
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