Step 3: Handle Connection and Trigger

Picture of Handle Connection and Trigger
Mosin Nagant1 024.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 025.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 027.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 028.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 029.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 030.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 032.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 033.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 035.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 036.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 037.JPG
Mosin Nagant1 038.JPG
Follow the Pics, turn on somre good music.
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caned cobra5 years ago
what is this
barrax (author)  caned cobra5 years ago
this, is the bit of the gun, where the trigger stop the firing pin, making it shootable. its also the bit that connects the handle and stock to the rest of the gun.
hey mate, i dnt have any of those odd socket type peices on the trigger, can i use anything else
trimac5 years ago
some of these pictures are slightly confusing could you possibly take some knew ones
barrax (author)  trimac5 years ago
uuh no, im afraid. But i just have to say, to all the people who are having trouble making this, I remade it a couple of months after destroying it, and i had absolutely no problems.