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Introduction: Mosquito Trap

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Low Cost Mosquito Trap made from home available Materials..

Step 1: Components Required :

1.VAC-230 Hz-50/60 AMP-0.13 CPU Fan

2.12V adapter

3.12v LED Strip

4.Plastic Box

5.Double side tape

6.Screws and Bolts

7.Mosquito Net

8.soldering iron

Step 2: Inserting CPU Fan :

Cut the plastic box closer cap which is equal to the CPU fan diameter then fit the CPU fan on that circle hole.Be sure that airflow direction is towards the bottom of the plastic box.Then solder the power to CPU fan now check the fan connecting with power if its run you are good to go..

Step 3: Cutting Plastic Box :

Now we are going to cut the plastic box to insert the mosquito net..for this take a knife and mark the area you are going to use.Then take the knife carefully cut the plastic box...

Step 4: Attaching Mosquito Net:

Now take the mosquito net insert it inside of the box then use double side tape to fix it..Be sure that net is fixed well with the box because if you are not fix it well mosquitoes will escape through this hole.

Step 5: LED Umbrella:

Now take a another one plastic box closer cap and fix it with the CPU fan holder with some nut and bolts refer above pictures..

Step 6: LED Strip Preparation:

Now take the 12volt adapter solder it with the LED strip then fix it with the LED umbrella in round shape...It will attract the mosquitoes... check the LED strip with power..refer above picture..

Step 7: Final Attaching:

Now attach the CPU fan and LED strip setup to plastic box top your Mosquito trap is ready.. Its very cheap compared to Market available traps...enjoy


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Hai..recently I have tried natural way of repelling mosquitoes.its simple just dip a incense stick in neem oil then light will get very low continues smoke that repells mosquitoes.even it smells good

The materials i am used here is easily available in all electronic stores you can easily buy it.i am not buying anything from can easily collect materials from your home......

If those are the mosquitoes collected in ur home time to change it mate ! Those are ridiculous amount of mosquitoes. What is the time frame you collected and where was there any garbage or a breeding ground. I am not sure how come blue LED attracts mosquitoes.

Initially trap has been tested in the homes..trap will be work full night first day output is high its around 40 mosquitoes..then next day its gradually decreases....after home trap test its tested in the my college campus that photo is uploaded here its around 200 mosquitoes...normal led are good enough now i am going to include an CO2 source that will attract Mosquitoes Chinese made traps have the ultra violet lights that produce the CO2..but that trap cost is high compared to this...i am also look forward to add mosquito attractant like lurex3 & Octenol....but again it will increase our cost of production.....soon i will update this trap with new modifications........

The attraction will be stronger if you can use UV LEDS, but I doubt these come in strip form. I have an idea for a solar powered version of something similar, but the fan forces the bugs into a soap water solution. My thought was to make many smaller traps with a couple UV LED's and set them at various locations around the yard. I'm having trouble budgeting enough power off a small solar cell (like the ones in yard lights) to run everything for the period between dusk and full dark when the mosquitos are most active.

Is there anything keeping the mosquitos in the container if the fan gets turned off? I think this is a really neat idea!

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if you want to turn of the fan then place anything or a peace of mosquito net on top of the fan then turn it off.... simple :)

When it run for 8 long hours, by that time mosquitoes would have died due to suffocation and hydration, So no worries.


3 years ago

What kind of LEDs should I use? You mentioned UV somewhere but it's not specified in the materials list.

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Ordinary LED is enough you can try different colors of led attract the mosquitoes...

Regarding whether the UV leds will attract mosquitoes. The led strips that are available give off a bluish light that is quite attractive to those bugs. I once made an insectocutor of my own and used something called a fat-albert incandescent lightbulb, deep blue in color. It worked well for attracting mosquitoes and the dreaded no-see-ums that can get through window screening. So, This looks like a great idea using the leds. I recently did a search on eBay and found Chinese sources for the required UV light strips. The strip version generally operate on 12VDC but can be separated into individual modules and wired in series then fed from AC via a full wave rectifier.

I'm so going to try this when mosquito season starts:)

If you put a couple of inches of water in the bottom and add a little liquid dish soap then all the bugs will drown in the water. It assures there are no survivors. Soap breaks the surface tension of water and allows the water to coat the bugs and that is what kills them. No poison, just soapy water.

Disassemble one of those electric fly swatters and put the net from it inside the box, that will take care of the mosquitoes. And running it off 12V should output quite a lot of volts.