Step 2: Reassemble the zapper

Picture of Reassemble the zapper
Reinstall the ceramic spacers and the outer zap screen, with the screen's former electrical connecion spot near the disconnected wire. Resolder the electrical wire to the outer zap screen. Make sure your zap screens are oriented straight and concentric with one another, then reinstall the bulbs. Put the outer protective plastic screen back on the machine, and the top cap if that was also removed. Plug in the zapper and make sure the bulbs light and that there is no electrical arcing yet within the machine. Do a zap test by securing a small wad of paper towel to the end of a WOODEN OR PLASTIC stick with a rubber band and moistening only the piece of towel. Poke the stick in through the first zap screen, and you should get a zap. Unplug the zapper and DON'T PLAY WITH IT.
Hang the zapper somewhere outdoors where it will not attract mosquitos to where people might gather, up where it cannot be reached by people or pets.
bigbadm3 years ago
first of all, thanks for advice. ive opted for unrolling plastic within inner screen as i dont have a soldering iron.
also, i still managed to get a shock from screens after i had unplugged and removed bulb! also, are you sure there no fire hazard with plastic heating up?
JackRift3 years ago
Mosquitos are attracted to the CO2 from your breath. Any time I need to clear an are I get some dry ice and set it at least 20 feet away in an open cooler. Maybe no snap and pop but very lethal especially if the cooler is highly contrasting with the environment

source: http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/life/zoology/insects-arachnids/mosquito.htm
This unit (and one exactly like it) has NOT WORKED at all. There are bugs all over the place here, and I have done the "mod", and the zap test results in NO ZAP at all. Obviously there are no dead bugs either. This is a ripoff.