The summer this year is too hot, the heat is not really a problem but mosquitoes ...! ,especially i camping.

So after i tried some solutions i got the idea to make an electronic mosquito repellent that i can take with me wherever i go. this circuit is just a transistor multivibrator that generates high frequency sound ,and mosquitoes don't like this sound.

I am not gonna use a PCB i will just solder components together to make it a simple and cheap

Update : here is the Kicad project + (the PCB , the schematic , the components view ) in PDF

Mosquito repellent.rar

Step 1: Components

  1. two BC548 transistors or equivalent
  2. two 100k resistors radio shack link
  3. two 1.5k resistors radio shack link
  4. one 4.7k resistor radio shack link
  5. one 2nF ceramic capacitor radio shack link
  6. one 560pF capacitor radio shack link
  7. 5mm Red led radio shack link
  8. Toggle switch radio shack link
  9. 9v battery radio shack link
  10. 9v battery snap connector radio shack link
  11. Piezo element radio shack link
  12. a small project enclosure radio shack link
  13. some wire

This components i salvaged them from my older projects ,but i put links to Radio Sack

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