This hydroponics set up can be easily made using household items.Only thing you will have to buy is the nutrient solution.
By reusing household items you are reducing waste. Because this setup is outside you are using sunlight and no artificial light is required.The water and nutrient solution mix can be reused.

A reservoir consisting of a bucket with Spigot (Tap Valve) attached at the base contains the nutrient solution and is placed above a tray filled with the hydroponic medium which in this case happens to be small pebbles. The nutrient mix is allowed to drip at a low rate providing a constant supply of the solution to the roots. The solution after having gone through the container housing the hydroponic medium and plants is then drained and collected in another bucket. Once the drainage (collector) bucket is filled, one must recirculate the water back into the first reservoir manually. This method keeps the medium regularly flushed with nutrients and the solution mix can be reused.

Step 1: Parts

One of : Bucket with tap

One of : Plastic Planter

One of : Normal Bucket

Solution Mix :

Dutch Nutrient Formula Gro A  and Dutch Nutrient Formula Gro B

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You might be able to enter this in the Water Challenge. <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Summer-Water-Challenge/
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