Introduction: Most Easy 5min Vacuum Chamber

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I wanted a small vacuum chamber for science experiments but they were to expensive to buy. So I made this.

Step 1: Materials

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I used a very cheap electrical tape because you will need the whole roll. I used a glass jar because I don't know how well plastic will hold up to the vacuum. The tube I use is vinyl. The tube should fit snugly on the funnel and the fitting on your vacuum pump.

Step 2: The Build

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Wash your jar and remove label. Push tube over funnel. Tape to hold tube tight. Tape roll of Electric tape to the funnel. Make sure that you don't tape over the hole.

Step 3: Using

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Push tube over fitting on your vacuum pump and put the funnel end on jar. Turn on pump and push funnel on the jar to make a seal. Let go and use. Please tell me in comments what you think.


Cayd13 (author)2016-05-27

Thanks for the tip. Does plastic work

TheJayden158. (author)2016-05-27

I used to do this, though I would wrap the jar in tape in case of implosion.. I highly recommend stopping this, getting a nice chamber and spending the cash.. One of these can very easily turn into a bunch of glass powder. Believe me you don't want that.

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Bio: I'm 13 love to tinker with things I love science and Mythbusters and I love K'nex
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