Hey guys,
this is my knex gun
it shoots more than 120ft !!
I think this is the most powerfull knex gun ever made, If someone knows a more powerfull knex gun plz send me a picture or instructable.
it shoots with 20 rubber bands and is very easy to make !!
if you want you can make the barrel even longer and use more rubber bands, it will shoot even further !! So stop reading this and get to work !

Step 1: The Barrel

This is the barrel, if you want you can make it even longer, it will be more accurate and it will shoot even further !!

1) Make this 2 times
2) make This
3) Add White Rods ( 4+5)
4) closer look left side
5) closer look right side
6) Add 1 and 2 together
7) add 1

Step 2: The Grip

This is The grip:

1) Make this 3 times
2) add them together with white rods

Step 3: The Trigger

The Trigger Is very easy to make !

Step 4: The Handle

this is the handle, I've tried to make it so comfortable as possible andI believe I have succeeded .

1) make these parts
2) add white rods
3) add the second layer
4) add the third layer
5) add the extra part
6) add small wheels

Step 5:

1) make this
2) add yellow rods and tan clips
3) make what you see on both sides
4) make two of these

Step 6: Assembly

add all the steps before together:

1) all the parts you have made
2) add the grip to the barrel
3) make this
4) add 3 to the barrel
5) add the trigger
6) add the handle
7) add blue spacers to the blue rods
8) add this
9) done !!

Step 7: How to Make the Huge Rubber Band:

this is how to make the big rubber band you'll need for the gun.
you'll need about 20 rubber bands ( depends on the lenght of the barrel )

1-5)     tie the rubber bands together by five using the reef knot: this is how you can make it
6)         tie them together by five and do this 20 times
7-8)     put a rod trough the loops and twist
9)         It should look like this
10-14) add rubber bands as shown

<p>I made the gun, but how did you put the elastics on the gun</p>
<p>it looks very nice, I think I am gonna make it!!</p>
<p>also, if you move the wheels farther apart the ammo will go farther and it will be stronger</p>
<p>how do you make the ammo(question mark)</p>
hm, cool gun, but try to put a sniper scope on it <br>then it will be more acurated
The most powerfull knex gun is the SRv2
It's defianatly not the farthest shooting.
cool gun 5 star all the way<br> <br> [does any one know the best way to make trigers.if you do check out this gun <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/bolt-action-rifle/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/bolt-action-rifle/</a> and see if you can mod it for better performance plz thx)
thank you for the gun i build it and its awsome 5*****
thanks ;)
can somebuddy can tell my how many yellow and green rods that the guns have
I've made a more powerful one. Im in the process of making an ible right now. Just to give you an idea of my gun's power, it uses twin 3' bungee cords as propulsion, shoots rods at over 120 mph, has a range of over 300 feet, and can send a rod through 1/2 inch plywood if you sharpen the rod's end.
:O dude post!
What would i have to do if i wanted the same performance from this gun when made from mini k'nex?
create green length rods in mini knex (the black ones are white length equivalent)
<br> <br>GUys...... Really pay more attention to titles will ya?? he said MY most powerfull gun
great gun left a dent in my wall though :p
hey ik heb gezien dat je gewoon nederlands ben ik vind het een zeer goede gun alleen bij dat ene soort torentje voorop de gun blijft de kogel soms vasthaken en schiet hij niet maar 8 van de 10 x schieten doet ie het en idd heel krachtig schiet gewoon door 4 dozen karton heen!
haha dankje :p
this isn't the most powerful gun ever made, i know someone who made a long rifle and it can shoot up to more than 200ft
356 Feet to be exact :D
took you awhile to reply.
Yeah it did, and now this comment did too! Lol<br><br>Also, you are my 500th comment! :D
also, this is His most powerful gun, not The most powerful gun
No, nothing right now
Thanks for the tips
no problem man !! if you have to know something else, I'll reply as fast as I can :p
That's cool! I thought that my little guns were cool but this tops them all.
thanks man ! :p
We're did you get your idea? And I just wanted to tell you that I am very new and I was wondering if you had any tips?<br><br>Nrogers
I have made a lot of knex guns,, i guess that is the best way to learn some new tricks :p try to make as many different guns you can find ! search for trigger systems, mags, handles,... and start building a gun. most of the time I build a gun and adapt it until i have a totally different gun.
mind changing that lie of a title you put down? you obviously havent done your research, there are knex guns on this site that can get 500+ feet and plenty more over 150.
changed it :p
cant work out how to attach the two wheel part. i can attach it on one side of the barrell but it doesnt fit on the other side! what hav i done wrong? gr8 gun btw
look at picture step 6, picture 7 there are 3 blue rods with a blue spacer on. at the next picture you can see how to attach it on the blue rods. i hope this helps
how do u put the rubber bands on? i need help :(<br>
look at picture step 7, picture 11. you have to attach it on both sides on the two white rods, arond the wheels :D I hope this helps...
it did help thnxs<br>
this pretty powerful and cool go to my profile and check out my own rifle
thanks,, i'll check out your rifle :D
This is not the most powerful knex gun ever made. This is your one way ticket to jail for murder after shooting someone with it. XD
How do you add the trigger on? i need help
look at the 5th picture, i think that picture is the best one you must attatch it with a blue and a white rod
here is a more powerful one <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wytYiRS34eo
my own invention<br><br> https://www.instructables.com/id/best-knex-gun-ever/?comments=all#CLIVEO9GMX1XQIU
looks good :D
i tried to make this gun. I was doing the wheel part, and I had<br>Just put the rubber band around it when the wheel launched<br>Off and hit me in the face. So I modified it and made it a huge <br>Sling shot /trebuche gun that shoots further

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