Picture of Most Simple Home-Made PCB by Toner Transfer
Compare to Photo-sensitive PCB, toner transfer PCB require less tools, steps to do, also every easy to control. We finish this simple board in 10 minutes. Of course, we provide a very professional PCB service now, you can get a very high quality PCB sample from our this service.

I have to say this board we made is more or less useless, because we make it for demo, and we forgot double check the traces after we use laminator to transfer the toner, so some traces may in error.

What all you need is:

Laminator machine can reach 200 degree
Etch solution (Available from Electrodragon)
Toner transfer paper  (Available from Electrodragon)
* Sand Paper 1000 and 600
* Tape
Etch Container
Copper Board 10*15  (Available from Electrodragon)
* Printer and A4 paper
Oil marker pen
For the toner transfer paper, you sell it in a roll, please unroll it by flatting with some heavy materials.

All photos took by cell phone, sorry for the bad quality.
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Step 1: 1. Print on the white paper

Picture of 1. Print on the white paper
Get one piece of paper on the top in the paper tray, mark a “A” for direction, next time you will remember to how to put it again in the try with right direction and side.

Print your board file directly on the white paper, we use nanino project, which is very suitable for making home-made arduino. See below.

Step 2: 2. Cut and tape the toner transfer paper

Picture of 2. Cut and tape the toner transfer paper
Find where you want to place the toner paper, cut a right size, make sure on the two side of the cut toner transfer paper are little bit longer for taping, because the toner transfer paper is now overlayer on the 4A paper with the front side, so that don’t tape it directly on the toner transfer paper.

Once taped, put the A4 paper with taped toner transfer paper into the paper tray with right direction and side, print it again, you will get, for my printer, the marker is on the back side of the paper:
dillahay1 year ago
Thats great I'll try that. Thanks
AndyTallack2 years ago
Thanks looks good. I've also used good quality paper from magazines to achieve the same results; also removes the need to print twice.