Like everyone else, it would seem, I noticed these ornaments dangling around in Whole Foods and in  my office lobby.   And I instantly thought:  Aha!  Something I can do with my paint chip collection.

So, I set about it....

Step 1: materials

Every time I visit the hardware store, which is a lot, I try to make a point to pick up a few paint chip samples.  Since I am a frequent customer and always make a purchase, I don't feel excessively guilty about taking advantage of a customary corporate kindness such as these.  I imagine they are somewhat costly to make as they have to reproduce the colors with exacting precision.  So I don't take too many and always make a purchase.

That's why this Instructable is categorized as mostly nice, but also slightly naughty.

Please don't run out and ransack the paint counter, not that you would of course, but some might feel empowered to do so by the mere fact that they are offered for free and here you are, as I am, presented with a use for them.... at long last...

20 or so paint chip samples
a drill with a fine bit
a small clamp
cutting board or scissors
bamboo skewers
a length of thread
xacto knife
maybe some long  nosed pliers

Ive got about 10,000 of these....
Cool. What are you going to do with them?
Well, up until now i never really thought of them, but these are an awesome application!
What a cute idea!
Thanks very much!
Perfect ornaments for all the graphic designers I know. :D Very pretty.
thank you

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