MotaBoi's Knex Intervention: My Version

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Introduction: MotaBoi's Knex Intervention: My Version

Hey guys, this is barrax here, bringing you my version of Motabois intervention in a video..

It is out guys and girls, here:

My version includes:
a shorter barrel
in my opinion the best Knex ACOG yet...
a crappy stock in place of motabois great, buut annoying one (his weighs a tonne and keeps falling off)

sorry the video is a bit crap and i sound like a freak, but it was a rush job and a sneak preview for a friend.

also sorry for not being able to post the Barrett and the M40 soon, but i will get round to it mates :)

also, im extremely for the dodgy camera work while trying to load it


P.S. I built this from slideshow pictures and a couple of mechanism close ups MotaBoi sent me :)



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    i find it amazing you can make something like this. i rate you for having such a creative mind, well done.

    why r u close to stopping knex? will you stay if i subscribe?

    ive seen ur gun comments and hear u want to see people build stuff and i was thinkin do u think i should make the arctic warfare (L96A1) sniper rifle?

    yes u should, but pleeeeeaase post instructions if it does work, im tired of finding weapons wiv no instructions

    to late sorry but i am building the as50 by accuracy international so subscribe or be on the look out for it

    it will include the safety switches on the side and it will block the firing pin from moving and instead of being a semi-automatic gun being able to fire again and again i will turn it into a bolot-action rifle

    could ya please make the spas 12 as next gun?
    i really like this gun, but i don't find any good instructables...

    It looks a little flimsy when you pick it up. Still it's cool.

    please post the ACOG! It looks great!