Mother of Pearl 'Floating Moon' Earrings





Introduction: Mother of Pearl 'Floating Moon' Earrings

Smooth polished round mother of pearl 'moons' appear to float inside their wire baskets. Each disk dangles gently from a sterling silver ear hook.

Tools used:
Ear Wires
hexagon finding
Sterling silver wire
Mother of pearl disks
round tip pliers
flat tip pliers

I made these for a wedding party. I had materials left over so I made a few extra pairs...



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    What beautiful pieces! I'm just beginning to work with wire and stones and am curious as to where you get your findings?

    Very nice wire work.

    The only thing I don't like is the super glue. If there was a way to mount it with out using that I think it might be cooler (Its a personal preference sometimes you cant do a thing about that.)

    Did you do any soldering on this?

    Thank you!
    I tried wiring them in, and it looked horrible. Gluing was the only thing that didn't look funny...I used a brand of glue that works well on metals. I myself have kept a pair, have worn them on and off for 3 years...never had a 'moon' fall. So I keep making them this way, until someone has a problem or I can figure out another solution!

    I did not have to solder anything,luckily for me. I know how, but I am a bit sloppy at it...Jax of all trades, master of only a handful...

    I would love to see a step-by-step Instructable on this!

    I will definitely work on putting it together! :D
    This site is so much fun, I love sharing all the neat things we have going on around my place...