I thought it would be nice for my wife and daughter to have (almost) matching rings and found an 'ible that made a celtic knot shotglass. If you look in my favorites, it is listed there. This was a new technique for me but as it turns out, not hard just time consuming.

Step 1: I Used

I had a piece of 1x2 pine and a walnut? picture frame that "fell apart" lol. It is possible that my next 'ible will be a picture frame if my wife reads this. You will want 2 woods that contrast enough to be able to see the knot when it is done. I used my drill press with lathe attachment and drum sanders and my band saw to rip the frame square

<p>I had been thinking last week about how my drill press should be able to work like a small lathe. Is this lathe attachment a real thing that I can buy or is it a product of your very clever imagination?</p>
http://www.busybeetools.com/products/lathe-attachment-for-drill-press.html This is one I have. It was on sale when I bought it. It says you can go up to 6&quot; diameter wood but it really only works well for 3&quot; and under
<p>I will look into it. The drill press was one of the only power tools that my dad thought I was strong enough to use. He definitely never let me use a regular drill cause I kept dropping it. My husband bought me a tabletop jigsaw to go with my drill press. All other tools I have are hand powered. My husband promised to teach me how to use the table saw this summer.</p>
If you get one you will notice that the pins in the headstock are not very big. As long as you don't try to go too fast it will work but the pins can slip. It is a taste of what a proper lathe can do so that's why I thought I would try it
<p>we had a lathe in middle school but the teacher was too nervous to let the girls try it. He barely let any of the boys. It always looked fun but it seemed like an extravagance. What if I don't like turning pieces? This might give me a chance to try it without having to find more storage places.</p>
that was my thought. This is a much cheaper way to see if I liked it
<p>your work is so good. You are planning to get a full size lathe. Aren't you? I would love to see some more of your work. My parent's former neighbor used to turn Christmas tree trunks. I have a candle stick he made.</p>
I do want to get a lathe at some point but I need a bigger shop for that. Thank you for the compliments and good luck with your hobby. Many times when I am trying something new I use scrap wood to build a prototype first then I make the good one. Turning Christmas tree trunks is a good idea for reusing them
Thank you

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