Step 2: Cut up Mo-bo.

Picture of Cut up Mo-bo.
It is easier to cut up all the pieces you need and refining them then do all the easier things later.

You will need a dust mask when cutting up and filing the motherboard pieces, although it most likely won't kill you breathing in the PCB dust it will not do any good and could possibly destroy your lungs. I didn't wear a dust mask but my excuse is that there wasn't any available, it doesn't smell nice and can get quite nauseating.

The easiest way for cutting the mo-bo. is to cut strips of the width that you want for your bracelet, so cutting strips down the mo-bo. of your choicest electrical components, and then cut the strip up into segments. On after thoughts I would make the segments a little longer so you don't need as many for the circumference around the wrist.

Also salvage the bigger chips because they can become segments and will add geek points to it.

After you have cut the pieces washing them in water will remove most of the dust off them, don't worry, water won't affect them.
i cant beleive you CUT THIS UP!!!!!!!!!!!
loueloui8 years ago
I don't really think this is a good idea. The components in a typical PC motherboard are loaded with lead and other chemicals. This is not something you want pressed against your skin for long periods of time.

Also, while a Printed Circuit Board can contain PCBs they are not the same as polychlorinated biphenyl, which is a very hazardous chemical.
the lead will be fine as long as u dont go making out with it or sumthin basically don't be stupid with this thing and you'll be fine.
or it may just leech into your skin as lead often does
you mention washing them after cutting. if you cut them while submerged in water, the dust particles wont go floating around, and will stay in the water.
fstedie8 years ago
I can't believe you didn't use at least some sort of simple breathing mask...