Step 4: Drill Holes^4

Picture of Drill Holes^4
Now all the PCB pieces need to be connected together, if you know of a better way of doing this please say in the comments, which will be done by drilling four holes in each piece, I used a 3.5mm. drill bit I think, but it was big enough to thread a single strand of telephon wire through, Please take care while drilling, I snapped a drill bit twice (shhh).

Try and drill the holes as close to the edge as possible without going o far so that when in use the chip is in danger of coming off, also try and line up the holes so the holes of different chips are in a straight line.
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frogamic7 years ago
I made A similar one, I got a 4 pin molex connector and threaded all the pieces onto the wires then soldered a matching molex socket into the other end, thus you have a built in fastner, since the wires are quite thick though it doesn't bend very easily and it's a little bulky (also I used an intel 740 graphics card (8mb, agp 2x, w00t) instead of a mobo)