Motherboard Simulation for CompTia A+ Certification Exam




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Introduction: Motherboard Simulation for CompTia A+ Certification Exam

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As part of the CompTia A+ test, students are asked to identify the different parts of a standard motherboard by dragging the names to pictures of the parts.  This Instructable is a simulation of this part of the exam.  Instead of dragging the names over to the pictures, the student can print out the graphic/PDF and draw arrows to the different parts.  As an alternative, one can print it out, then cut out the names on the right and physically place them under the parts that they correspond to.

Graphic and PDF was made using LibreOffice Draw. 



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    I suppose there arent any comments because those who build computers blow by after looking, and those who dont build have no interest in what they are looking at. I think youre project turned out good results.