Picture of Motherboard Wall Clock
I'm back for another fun instructable! Prepare your inner geek for this fun project!

When I was a kid, I had a hard time of keeping out of the guts of my computer. I spent many a night, tinkering and over clocking my desktop to squeeze as much performance as possible out of my rig. Eventually, my luck ran out and I had a casualty. I pushed a little too hard one night and watched the north bridge go up in smoke. (Literally catch fire and smoke!!!) It was a a moment that I look back fondly on. So much in fact, that I kept that motherboard for years.

I was recently cleaning out my parts bin and came across this old friend and decided to make some useful art out of it, and so my motherboard wall clock was born!

Follow along and you will have a art piece that will be the talk of your clan, or D&D party, or LAN Party, etc etc etc
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Step 1: Parts Neeed

Picture of Parts Neeed
This is actually a very simple project. Here's a list of things I used.

* A motherboard (preferably broken)
* A computer with CD label software (Like Roxio Creator)
* A lightscribe CD/DVD drive
* A blank lightscribe CD
* A hobby clock movement kit (found at hobby lobby, michaels, or other hobby store)
* Adhesive Velcro