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Introduction: Motherboard Lamp – Upcycling

This is a Make It Your Self guide to make a motherboard lamp.

I like to make trashdesign and I believe that this is open source designing.

I study in Aalto University in Finland.

So lets make some Trashdesign!

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The motherboard lamp exhibition in january, Helsinki - Finland

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Step 1: Gathering of Material

Doing a motherboard lamp requires 3-4 motherboards atleast.

Getting them from the well working schools computers is a bad idea.

I got these motherboards from a recycling center in Finland.

If they don't give theme away free, which is quite odd,

the tolerable price is approximated 2-3 €/kg (in Finland).

But just go and ask or make a research in the trashcans everywhere!

Step 2:

Step 3: Making the First One

You will need:

-3-4 motherboards (depending if u make a triangle of square shaped)

-L-shaped metals to the corners

-junk wood

-screws & nuts

-a lamp kit ( basic ready to plug and play if u don't want your assembly to be hard)

-LED-light bulb ( For the safety & energy!)

-Trashdesign attitude!!

Step 4: Giving Colour and Finishing Touches!

Now that you have the motherboard lamp ready you can give it

some color if you want. I did with a basic spray paint.

Now just remember to use the LED-light bulb!

and let your imagination flow!

Step 5: A Ready and Nice Trashdesign Lamp

Here you go!

Now you have a very nice lamp.

I have made a few of these and also exposed theme.

Enjoy your futurisric lumination!

My homepage:
Facebook fun art:

The motherboard lamp exhibition in january, Helsinki - Finland

the Facebook event:

exhibition info:



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    Those are so cool! I think a pretty big amount of people would like to buy these from you...

    I sell small quantities of these motherboard lamps trough my home page: and mainly in Finland.

    The only problem on selling this as a product is the first priciple of this concept being trash design and as always trash is local.

    I also truly encourage people to do these motherboard lamps themselves!

    So it probably wont be mass-produced and so it stays as a self-made trash design product.

    from where did you get so many motherboards

    A recycling center, He mentioned it in one of the steps

    Hey Brother lol, have a question for ya. Do you know the difference in the older circuits and mobos? trying to pinpoint which one glow better. As seen in mine, that was from a old piece of Equipment at junkyard. My entertainment center I built with them, the light didn't shine through as well when I used Mobos

    Great project. PCBs (especially the big ones) are a goldmine for sculptures and arts. Fantastic recycling also. Keep posting Mr.