Mother's Day Recycled Wool Moth Sachet!




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Introduction: Mother's Day Recycled Wool Moth Sachet!

Because I love to sew and hate to waste, I save even the holiest sweaters and moth chewed wool garments. I wash them in the machine with hot water and even throw them in the dryer to rid them of any possible moth larva but then...
I decided what better revenge on the culprits then to drive them away with the items of their destruction.

Step 1: Mix the Herbs

In a large bowl combine the following herbs:
4 cups dried lavender
2 cups dried rosemary
2 cups cedar shavings
1 cup dried thyme
1 cup dried artemisia
Then add:
50 drops of lavender oil
10 drops of rosemary oil
10 drops of vetiver (grass extract)
Toss the essential oils gently with dried herbs.

Step 2: Sew Squares

Sew a 3 by 3 grid pattern on a handkerchief weight linen or cheesecloth fabric.
Sew double seams between columns.

Step 3: Stuff Pockets

Cut out rows of pockets of open rectangles.
Scoop herb mixture partly full into open pockets, pinning closed as you go along.

Step 4: Sew Tops Closed.

Then cut each sachet apart

Step 5: Sandwich in Recycled Wool

Place sachets between 2 moth bitten or recycled wool squares. (You may want to decorate these ahead of time. I embroidered mine with yarn and also reinforced the seams with a felting tool.)

Step 6: Sew Closed

and place in closets, wardrobes, bags of sweaters.
Enjoy your summer!



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    You forgot the bergamot (the essential ingredient in Earl Grey tea), which has been used as a bug repellent since the Middle Ages - and probably before! Personally, I love the smell of thyme and use it for all sorts of things, including a steam treatment for stuffy heads (my middle son loved it, too - he was the "guinea pig" for that one)! Thanks for the great idea.

    Any alternative to mothballs is a godsend. Mothballs are extremely toxic and are dangerous to humans and pets. In addition to this awesome sachet, you can use dampened cedar blocks or balls or non-toxic moth traps. Make sure that you put your unwanted mothballs in a hazardous waste bin. They are even dangerous in a landfill.

    1 reply

    Not to mention the horrible smell. They also disappear over time, which makes you wonder w

    This sounds like a plan to me, I store a large amount of wool fabric and yarn,and don't want poison in with them (like mothballs). Thanks for the recipe

    1 reply

    The herbs are very pleasant.

    This is a great idea, and something I really need. How well do they work? I have been fighting a loosing battle with moths, and hate moth balls. Also, my closet is currently without a door. Some of these ingredients are new to me. Any tips on where to buy them?

    1 reply

    If you Google herbs, you will find a number of places that sell them online. Most moth recipes are some combination of these herbs. Some use mint as well. I added thyme because it also keeps bed bugs away. It won't kill the bugs so be sure everything is clean before you seal up your sweaters.

    Awesome ! I HATE moth balls ! Gonna try it for sure !

    1 reply

    Thank you! The smell is quite pleasant so you do not have to open your wardrobe next fall to that chemical odor.