Mothers Day Charm Bracelets- Wire Bracelets DIY



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Introduction: Mothers Day Charm Bracelets- Wire Bracelets DIY

The wire bracelet DIY project aims to introduce you a kind of different mothers day charm bracelets. The final effect is pretty good, so mom will soon fall in love with them.

Step 1: Make Top Loop for Wire Bracelet

1st, snip 8-12 pieces of copper wire, (the amount of wires decides how wide your bracelet will be), each measuring about 80cm;

2nd, cut another piece of wire which will be used to wrap and braid;

3rd, slightly fold the bunch of wire to form a loop at fold place and wrap it with the single wire;

4th, as picture shows, the wrapped top loop is done.

Step 2: Braid the Wire Bracelet

1st, do loose triple braiding a bit of length;

2nd, slide a bead onto the single wire and secure it by coiling;

3rd, continue braiding and beading till the length reaches what you desire.

Step 3: Tackle With Bottom End of Bracelet

Loop the rest length at end from center to sides, creating a flower shape.

Step 4: The Final Look Is Like This:

Tada, the mothers day charm bracelets are done! As you can see, in this wire bracelet DIY way, you can make out a variety of mufti-sized and multi-colored wire bracelets. Do a pair, wear with mom on mothers day!



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