Mothers Day Gifts Handmade in Heart Pattern- European Metal Bead Necklaces





Introduction: Mothers Day Gifts Handmade in Heart Pattern- European Metal Bead Necklaces

This bead necklaces tutorial is a special design for mothers day gifts handmade in heart pattern; it’s another kind of statement pendant jewelry, you mom will be sweet on it very much!

Step 1: Prepare Components for Heart Pattern

1st, snip a piece of copper wire and thread two beads on;

2nd, use one end to back through beads several times and tighten wire;

3rd, add another half round of backing through, making two ends parallel in the same direction;

4th, cross both ends and wrap around the wire wraps between beads;

5th, twine two ends together and tuck them into one bead;

6th, cut off excess length.

7th, in this way, prepare 2 double-beaded components and 3 triple-beaded components.

Step 2: Connect Components and Create Heart Pattern

1st, connect 3 triple-beaded components in parallel way, and then a diamond shape comes out ;

2nd, attach two double-beaded components to both upper sides, so the heart pattern is done.

Step 3: Finish the Bead Necklace

1st, snip two pieces of nylon thread and tie lark head knot over two top beads;

2nd, cut off excess length of threads.

Step 4: The Finalized European Bead Necklace Looks Like This:

And our tutorial ends up here. Mothers day gifts handmade in heart pattern are diversified, ranging widely from classical mothers day card, to uniquely designed jewelry accessories.



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