Motion Alarm to Laser Pointer





Introduction: Motion Alarm to Laser Pointer

This is a Spy Gear Motion Alarm that I gutted and made into a Red Laser Pointer.

Parts Used:
Spy Gear Motion Alarm
5mW Red Laser Module
Push Button Momentary Switch
2 AAA Batteries

Step 1: Demolition

I started by disassembling the motion alarm and cleaning the inside of everything.
There are only 3 screws holding it together. There is one for the battery compartment and two inside of the battery compartment.
Once you have it all taken apart you can remove everything inside except for the on/off switch.
In my case I wanted to have a momentary switch so I also removed the on/off switch.

Step 2: Circuit

Here is the simple circuit for the laser.

Step 3: Wiring

Wiring it all together is fairly self explanatory. Solder everything together checking the polarity, otherwise you will have to re-solder everything and you don't want that.
The only problem that you will have is soldering the positive lead to the diode. If your diode has a brass housing the solder will not stick to it.
There is a very simple fix to this. If you have a Dremel of knife you can scrape off the top layer of brass to uncover the metal beneath. The solder will stick to the metal underneath the brass coating.

Step 4: Finishing

To finish off the laser pointer I hot glued the switch and laser diode into place.
The switch required some sanding of the housing to fit.
The diode is positioned so that it will shine out of the existing whole that was used for the stock diode.
After gluing the switch and diode in place you may put it back together and screw it all together.



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That is cool

so you only used the outside plastic part of the motion detector, right ?

not the diode ?

Great instructable and fun project. Good job buddy. I look forward to many more.