I have always wanted to make something with my LED dot matrix display, and so when I found a old alarm motion sensor I knew just what to make, a Motion Sensing Eye!

This instructable will hopefully finish with you having a working dmd, that will display an eye that opens if something in a room moves (above in the pictures are some gifs of it in action). This instructable will also be updated with bluetooth and android support in the near future (when I get it working).

Anyway, Let's Go!

Update (05/02/14):
- added optional shield

Step 1: Materials

Things you will need:

- An Arduino or similar
- A Freetronics Dot Matrix Display
- Arduino link cable for dmd
- An alarm sensor
- Mini breadboard and jumper cables
- A 10k resistor
- Power supply for the alarm sensor
- Usb cable for arduino

- Arduino Prototype shield
- Stackable headers
- Wire
- Tactile push buttons
- Terminal Blocks

Coming Soon Eventually:
- Arduino compatible bluetooth module
- bluetooth dongle for PC
- An android phone

<p>If allowed possible code transmitter via Bluetooth</p>
<p>I was looking through your code and i was wondering where did you find your libaries for the code?</p><p>#include &quot;SPI.h&quot;</p><p>#include &quot;DMD.h&quot; </p><p>#include &quot;TimerOne.h&quot;</p>
These libraries can be downloaded from the links in step 2. Put them in your library folder and you should be good to go
<p>Hey i am really interested in recreating this project, question though, what kind of ribbon cable and connector did you use for this project?</p>
the ribbon cable and connector came with the dmd that i used. ( http://www.freetronics.com/products/dot-matrix-display-32x16-red#.UypnXZ85QsI) feel free to ask about anything else
a nice, while way more complex iteration on this would be an motion-tracking eye. With the use of a webcam, probably a raspberry pi, and with that the arduino shield for the Pi, it could possibly make the eye follow you around the room. Which would be creepy as hell, but so awesome.
That'd be amazing! I may look into making something similar using a pcDuino that I have. Currently working on bluetooth support to manually change the eyes position
wow! it's a very interesting DIY production. Arduino is so popular now,we can do something with it due to simple &amp; easy.I guess,you must use the technical of dynamic scanning for dot matrix display.
Thank you so much for sharing your idea on instructables
So cool
Awesome! Can't wait to see more iterations of this project. Thank you so much for sharing your idea on Instructables.

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