Picture of Motion Sensitive Tesla Coil
This year I decided to make my garage into a little haunted house. To add some fun and serious scary points, I wrote some code and hooked up one of my Tesla coils to a motion sensor through my Arduino. It now turns on whenever someone walks by, and it's actually very startling.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this, you will need the following things:
  • A Tesla coil - $20 - $50
  • An Arduino - $35
  • A Maxbotix sonar sensor - $25
  • One 12V to 120V relay - Free to $6
  • One transistor and a resistor to match the relay - Free from old electronics (See this Instrucable for more info.)
  • 12V Sealed lead acid battery - Don't you have one already?
  • Various wire
Overall, the total price comes out to about $100, but I had everything except for the sonar sensor.
austin421 year ago

nice cat

the black cat say its all mines (put in very deep an long purrrrrr here)
This is a great project to ste-
I mean, look into. Yeah, look into.
finfan75 years ago
Couldn't you set the coil to always be on as long as it has power and then power it through one of those motion detecting security lights?
robotguy45 years ago

Wouldn't the arduino board be shocked?  Perhaps putting it in a Faraday Cage would be a good idea...
DevCoder (author)  robotguy45 years ago
my coil only gives off about 1ft sparks
Ah, so I'm guessing that you put the board more than 1ft away from the coil...  That works!
cool5 years ago
Nice Kitty! And nice project, a little odd for a haunted house, but cool anyway!
guyfrom7up5 years ago
pssssttt enter this in the arduino contest
DevCoder (author)  guyfrom7up5 years ago
i have, it's pending approval...