Motion Triggered Bed-to-Bathroom Floor Illumination


Step 3: Connecting the motion sensor to the power cord

Picture of Connecting the motion sensor to the power cord
Unlock the screw and push the opposed side to open the base of the motion sensor.

Make sure the power cord is unplugged! Cut it in the middle and prepare he leads as shown.

Pierce a whole into the rubber besides the screw and insert both cut ends.

Connect the big plug (that goes into the outlet) to L (brown wire) and N (blue wire).

Connect the small plug (that goes into the 12V adapter) to LS (brown) and N (blue wire).

You should now have two wires attached to N as shown on the plan and on the picture below.

Close the base of the motion sensor again and screw it in place. Make sure the rubber seal is still in place.
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