Motion tracking done with a webcam and some Lego
This is just a very crude design (especially the hardware), but you can apply the things you learn here to a more polish and solid setup too. You can also add a gun/rocket launcher/cannon as many of you would think about it

For this project the main things i used is a webcam, 2 NXT motors and an NXT "brick"
the software used is Roborealm (I am using their 30 day trial) with a custom VBscript

I learned of the software from this video and the VBscript is a modified version of the one he provided, so credits to him

Please note there is more information in the picture annotations 

Step 1: Hardware

The hardware setup is pretty straightforward, mount the camera to the 2 motors where 1 allows it to tilt up and down while the other allows it to pan left and right. Initially i did not use the worm-gears, but decided to do so to slow the motor down since its a bit of a problem controlling the speed through Roborealm.
<p>Very nice project. Could definitely be used in some sort of security system for home automation!</p>

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