Motion Trigger for Throwies





Introduction: Motion Trigger for Throwies

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a little way to make throwies that are vibration sensative

Step 1: This Is a Basic Vibration Sensative Switch I Found and Copied

i found this ring from who knows how long ago. it is a basic circuit using a spring and contact

Step 2: Try the Hardware Store

go to a small hardware store and get a pice of conductive pipe and a spring that wiggles when you shake it and is just small enough to fit in the tube w/o touching.

Alternatly just get a pen spring and the appropriate size of pipe. (this works ok but is a bit stif so it wont work w/o a fair shake

Step 3: This Is the Tedious Bit

the hard part is alligning this correctly and holding it there while you solder. the spring should not toch the tube sitting still or it wont work. sorry for the lack of pics but i can't get a clear shot when the object is so small.

Step 4: Thats It

just build it into the throwie.

that copper bit in the pic is the spring the silver below is a swith and contact tube and over on the right is the led (heres the pic update thx to niknik)



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    Actually I just found your instructable the other day and thought 'hm wouldn't it be even cooler if this was made to blink every time it bounced?' I had actually forgotten my own instructable. If you do make one vid it and upload it to yourtub.

    no need. wire the battery, the light, and the spring switch in series(all in a row). if you REALLY wanna make it cool, you could use a 555 timer to make it stay on for say.....5 sec after the spring is activated instead if just while its detecting motion; I'll post schematics later maybe.

    Thx for thos ideas they will help next time.

    if what your working on is to small to photograph you can always try putting it on your flat bed scanner.

    Next time, set the camera to "Macro" mode. ;)

    this is my first one so don't complain too much ill work on em