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This is the second out of automatic camera trigger with arduino. In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a motion triggered camera. This project detects motion in front of the camera and triggers the servo to click a pic in the camera.
Like the prevous version this is powered with a arduino.

Step 1: PARTS

Picture of PARTS
The parts are simple and easy to find
Motion sensor module
ahunkeri6 months ago

servoMain not declared in scope ERROR help me.....

where i get the motion sensor...help me...

Here is a better one, sound, light, laser, motion trigger, controlled wirelessly using your phone or tablet


QuinnKR1 year ago

nice! this is a really cool project that I would do, but the problem I find is if you are trying to surprise them, or not let them know that your taking a picture, you have to leave the camera on, and it eventually runs out of battery : ( is there someway to plug it into the wall or something? if so, it would be awesome if you could make an instructable on it.

l1q1d1 year ago
Great project. Could you please add the connection to the Pir Sensor?
ThisIsSteve (author)  l1q1d1 year ago

So this is the fritzing for the Ardunio correct? And what is the LED on said fritz needed for? Thanks

Ryanj20001 year ago
That's awesome I might have to make this some day.
Wow that's a lot of microprocessor for that job, kinda like hiring a brain surgeon to paint your out house, I'm wondering if you could have eliminated the Arduino by just hooking up a small solenoid to the motion detector, the down side being the shutter would not release until the detector had gone low.
Looks like fun I never had an SLR with an auto winder so kudos to you