Picture of Motor Over Heating? Cool It Down Instantly For Electric RC cars

Step 1: Find Your Cars Make And Model

Picture of Find Your Cars Make And Model
Ok there are many different kinds of RC brands and cars. I have a Traxxas Stampede and I will recommend Traxxas to anyone. If you need parts try your local hobby shop. MY FAVORITE ONE IS www.larrys-rc.com or Larry's RC.
Madrox Knox12 days ago

Hey I have a Dromida MT4.18 and the engine is a Dromida M370. Any advice for me? Appreciate it.

TheMrCOOLguy2 (author) 1 year ago
Cool I just upgraded and it is running real cool
aweith1 year ago
Most rc goers don't really have brush motors anymore it more leaning over to brushless motors and also If you also want to find out what kind of battery that your using and what kv is the motor so thus make shure that your car can handle it and that's not enough you always add a fan to your esc ad a heatsink to your motor to keep it cooler in the summers
TheMrCOOLguy2 (author) 2 years ago
No problem
usafbrat2 years ago
Thank you for this.
TheMrCOOLguy2 (author) 2 years ago
Coming soon!!!
A instructable on how to clean a RC electric brushed motor
TheMrCOOLguy2 (author) 2 years ago
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