Motor Speed Control With Brain...


Introduction: Motor Speed Control With Brain...

My project about controlling the speed of a motor by your mind... This is an Arduino and Neurosky ThinkGear module project... The aim is to control the blow speed of a hairdryer to raise a ping-pong ball and float it by the help of your brain waves... Mind control...

Things you will need:

- Neurosky ThinkGearAM module ( I used a modified Mindflex spare headset)

- Paired 2 bluetooth modules (slave & master)

- Arduino

- A hairdryer ( I modified an old one, using only DC motor and housing)

- IRLZ44 logic mosfet Mosfet is attached to hairdryer motor to control the speed of it.

Mosfet motor driver circuit is as follows:

Master bluetooth module is connected to Arduino rx-tx pins to receive brain wave data from the ThinkGear module... Brain wave data is processed by the ThinkGear module inside headset (which works with 2 AA batteries), a dry electrode collects data from my forehead and sends it over slave bluetooth module to the master bluetooth module on Arduino... onlt tx connection is needed from the module to bluetooth rx pin... There are many detailed examples on internet about this connection...

ThinkGear AM datasheet:

Arduino BrainWave library:

Arduino bluetooth HC-05 connection :

The Arduino script for controlling the motor with brain data is as follows... And don't forget to vote for me if you liked this project...



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    Hey, great work it's very impressive!

    Can we use this programm if we connect directly the headset to the arduino ?( no bluetooth)

    1 reply

    thx.. you can connect directly to Arduino but you must synch the power hz... 50hz for europa and 60hz for usa.. it is better not to connect due to power supply noise... try to use bluetooth connection...

    I have paired both the Bluetooth modules, but it doesn't send any data. Can you tell me if the connections are right.

    Neurosky to HC-05

    T pin to RX

    GND to GND

    V+ to Vcc

    Is this is correct?

    1 reply

    Well, it is correct. Once the mindflex is powered on batteries the headset should connect to your host controller or device (e.g: your laptop). When connected the Bluetooth module should be solid red (means that it is connected to another device).

    Great work!! How did you get to link the master and slave bluetooth modules? Im using HC06 as slave and HC05 as master.

    2 replies

    Just Google it.... :) lots of tutorials about bluetooth modules...

    Yes you're right. I managed to bind the two devices using the AT+BIND command and it works. Thanks again for sharing this instructable.

    Thats really extendable thing to modify things to be controlled by brain waves. I really wonder what can be done via thinkgear module.

    1 reply

    Thanks... I can think of few applications for handicapped people... :)


    wow interesting