Here you can find my unique retractable motorbike carrier project with 38 photos and detailed explanations...

Step 1: Old One!

When we bought our motorhome, it already equipped with a "carrier" on it.

Design of this carrier was really terrible:

- Due to straight main beams, it reduces departure angle of RV and crashes to ground even at small slopes; for example every ferry travel :(

- Lenghtens RV approximately 55cm, permanently

- Can carry only a motorbike (small one :) ) and no space for our bicycle

- Masks licence plate (it is not legal of course) and no extra driving lights

- No place for bike ramp and we had to carry it in cargo space!

- Main rail steel was too thin and flimsy

- Heavy for its size due to unnecessary thickness of stainless steel pipes

Of course removed it after our second trip and start to design much better one by myself; hooray! :))

<p>can it hook up to a hitch?</p>
<p>Very nice, very neat and very professional looking. Well done on an absolutely top notch Instructable. This has given me some ideas for my ancient Land Rover military ambulance.</p>
<p>Thanks very much! Most important thing is to find strong connection area on the chasis of your Land Rover...</p>
<p>Absolutely agreed :) It shouldn't be too difficult on my Land Rover though. With it being an old 'series' model there have been plenty of military tow bar patterns. So, it's a case of using those and ensuring the weight is properly distributed over as wide an area as is possible. This rather than just have a small area of pressure which may look ok but could cause problems over time.</p>
<p>All correct! Hope you can do it easily...</p>
<p>Nice rack! I have a Yamaha champ too. I should dig it out and get it running.</p>
<p>Thanks Tom; Good luck :)</p>
<p>Tebrikler on numara iş olmuş. Sitedeki bir s&uuml;r&uuml; antin kuntin iş yanında ger&ccedil;ek bir &ccedil;alışma nihayet. Buralarda bir T&uuml;rk g&ouml;rd&uuml;ğ&uuml;me de sevindim. Hırsızlığa karşı bir de kilit bağlantı noktaları mı lazım acaba?</p>
:)<br>Bağlantılar civatalı olduğundan kararlı bir hırsıza pek dayanıklı değil tabii ki b&ouml;yle dışarıda durmak zorunda olan bir sistem.<br><br>Ama yine de bisikleti kilitliyoruz :)<br>
<p>ruhsata işlettin mi :))</p><p>harika thuleden mi esinlendin?</p>
<p>Thule de benzer bir &uuml;r&uuml;n var mı ki? Varsa, o benden esinlenmiştir :)</p>
:)))<br>var &ccedil;eki demiri &uuml;st&uuml;ne bisiklet taşıyıcılar var
<p>Really nice!! Looks rock solid!</p>
<p>Yes, it is stable and looks like factory made :)</p>

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