This is remote controlled motorbike sound maker for a bicycle.

It gives the option of no sound or variable degrees of volume and timbre, controlled from the handlebar.

At the push of a thumb you can instantly create the motorbike effect and at the pull of a finger you can stop it instantly.

It is great for grown ups who want to be silly but don't want to be seen being so, or for your children so that they don't drive you crazy with continual noise.

It's an idea that I couldn't get out of my head until I constructed it.

I made it for my friend's son but first Katarina and I had fun test riding it on my bike.
( As you can see in the video, Katarina turns off the sound when she is passing  a group of people; be warned, it is a bit noisy ).

It also works like a bell, a blip on the throttle and the pedestrians will move out of your way.

It's an entirely original idea, for obvious reasons; This is a very niche item.

Step 1: The Start.

I had an idea that a gear lever could some how push a card in and out of the spokes.

I thought about complex helical screws, or maybe using a single brake arm bolted onto the forks . . . but  then the idea hit me; a rear de-railer from a bike has the perfect linear movement that is necessary for this project.

This became my starting point and everything that you read is the process of trial and error that led to the finished project.

The gear lever became the ' throttle '; giving a variable amount volume by pushing the card, held by the de-railer into the spokes.

As a kid I did the baseball card thing but we also used a balloon, much louder. <br>The type was not round but more oblong but not the balloon animal type. <br>
Dear Alex,<br> <br> It's hard to picture; Do you mean a card taped to an inflated t balloon to act as an amplifier ?
When not inflated they wore about 6-8 inches long you would blow them up such that about 4 inches was inflated, tie each end to the fork so that it would rub against the spoke. it made a drumming noise as it went by each spoke. The same noise you get when you pull and release the end. Remember this was more than 40 years ago I suspect the thickness of balloons is far thinner than in my day. I cannot even find a picture of it. <br> <br>Man do I feel old!
very nice idea! I'm going to make one following your instructable! one for me and another for my son, will be very fun! thanks , <br>maurizio
Dear Sgabi,<br> <br> Thanks for the nice comment; it made me smile.<br> Just a word to say that I found the type of &quot; 'card' all important.<br> The difference between an OK sound and a great sound was due to trying different plastics and ending up with a flexible but tough notepad cover.<br> <br> Happy Riding, Vroooooooooom.<br> FOH
Thanks for the tip .. have a good day!
add &quot;motorcycle&quot; &quot;spoke card&quot; and &quot;bicycle&quot; to the tags?
Dear 2nup350,<br> <br> Thank you for the tip.<br> When the competition ends I will do this. ( no editing during voting).<br> <br> Kind Regards<br> <br> FOH
Great idea. Love it! A good reuse for old gear...
Thank you Hesspet, I'm glad that you enjoyed it.
Dear Mikaleda, Thanks for the nice comment.
No problem, thank you too for your nice reply.
Clever idea.
Hola Rimar,<br> <br> Gracias por el comentario.<br> Yo estoy aprendiendo espa&ntilde;ol.<br> Pero estoy en la primera p&aacute;gina.<br> El parche es muy bonito.<br> <br> Saludes cordiales<br> <br> FOH
Whats with the cycling skeleton at :49? <br>sounds great well done.
Dear Liquidhandwash,<br> <br> Cycling skeleton ?????<br> Have you lost your mind ?<br> <br> Thanks for the comment.<br> Great job with the Whizzer by the way; it looks amazing.<br> <br> Kind Regards &nbsp;<br> <br> FOH<br> <br> <br> <br> PS<br> <br> It was actually me wearing <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Lovely-Warm-Skull-Face-Snood/" rel="nofollow">this.</a>

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