This ‘ible details how to go about fixing your motorcycle brake caliper when the brake lever starts getting uncomfortably close to the hand grip with resulting loss of braking power.  If you pump quickly once or twice the brakes work again, but after you release the lever for a short while, the next pull on the lever will again result in the brake lever sinking almost all the way back to the hand grip. This behavior feels EXACTLY like air in the system. If air was in the system, then bleeding the hydraulics would fix the problem. But, for this problem, you can bleed the brakes until you are blue in the face and you won't have fixed anything. 

While this 'ible will detail the repair process for the front brakes, the procedure for the rear brake caliper is the same. The steps also show the removal and re-installation of the brake pads, so you can use this guide for changing your brake pads as well. Think of this as a twofer!

Before you do anything, please be aware that proper functioning brakes are critical to your safety as well as the safety of other road users. Brake failure can result in death. If you are unsure of your mechanical abilities, please do not attempt this repair. 

I developed this method from a vague hint on a motorcycle forum as to what the problem might be. I hope you find it useful. 

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tumidaj1 year ago
Really beautyfull motorcycle! It makes an impression :D
;D Amazing.. <3
MidnightMaker (author)  tranquynh251 year ago
armstk1801 year ago
Very nice idea as well as a super motor cycle !!!
what's the brand of your cycle ?
MidnightMaker (author)  armstk1801 year ago
Thanks! The motorcycle is a custom pro-street that I finished building last year. Frame is War Eagle and motor is Ultima 113 V-Twin.

The web site for the bike build is here: